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[Modron Campaign] Campaign Log: Adventures #1 to #3


First Adventure: A Wizard’s Fate
Source: AD&D 2E Adventure “A Wizard’s Fate,” Dungeon Magazine #37 (TSR, 1992)
Judge: Dan P.
Dates: Several Sessions?
Location: Northern Difring Hills (Region 01: 4215)

Characters & Players
Apprentice Bernie “The Bounder” Brushwood-Baggins (male Halfling 1st level Thief) [James M.]
Runner Gram Grimblade* (male Human 1st level Ranger) [James M.]
Veteran-Prestidigitator Ayers the Elf (male 1st level Elf) [Lew E.]
Veteran “Mighty” Konkeror (male Half-Elf 1st level Fighter) [Lew E.]
Acolyte William Winchester (male Human 1st level Cleric) [Will P.]
Gallant West Winchester* (male Human 1st level Paladin) [Will P.]
Sven & Ollie (0-level NPC Hirelings)
*Died during adventure

Tales of Adventure
Hired by a sage to discover the final disposition of a wizard who apparently blew up his tower. The wizard was known locally as the “Love Wizard,” as he used love potions and spells to enchant local maidens into his “service.” The tower was completely gone, as was the wizard, but we rescued a local “maiden” from the dungeon. 

The wizard’s surviving imp familiar hunted us throughout the dungeon, killing Gram Grimblade with his poisonous tail. West Winchester died at the fangs of an iron cobra. 

Recovered relatively paltry treasure in coin, but Konkeror got a magical +1 long sword, William ended up with a ring of spell storing, Ayers got a wand of shocking grasp, and Bernie got a magical +1 dagger/+2 versus devils. We also found a treasure map, which led us to the next adventure… the Lost Island of Castanamir.

Second Adventure: The Lost Island of Castanamir
Source: AD&D 1E Module C3: The Lost Island of Castanamir (TSR, 1984)
Judge: Dan P.
Dates: Several Sessions?
Location: Isle of Castanamir in the Wine-Dark Sea off of the fishing village of Little Flotsam (Region 01: 4414)

Characters & Players
Footpad Bernie “The Bounder” Brushwood-Baggins (male Halfling 2nd level Thief) [James M.]
Acolyte Dougal McGuire* (male Human 1st level Cleric) [James M.]
Veteran-Prestidigitator Ayers the Elf (male 1st level Elf) [Lew E.]
Warrior “Mighty” Konkeror (male Half-Elf 2nd level Fighter) [Lew E.]
Adept William Winchester (male Human 2nd level Cleric) [Will P.]
Novice Tsun (male Human 1st level Monk) [Will P.]
He Whose Name Has Been Forgotten (male Human 1st level Fighter) [Mike H.]**
She Whose Name Has Been Forgotten* (female Human 1st level Magic-User) [Mike H.]**
Sven & Ollie (0-level NPC Hirelings)
*Died during adventure
**Mike made it to one session and hasn’t been able to come back since…

Tales of Adventure
Following the treasure map, the party went further east, beyond the Difring Hills to the shore of the Wine-Dark Sea. There they hired a poor, doomed fisherman to sail them out to the Lost Island of Castanamir. The adventurers survived the shipwreck, the fisherman did not. They discovered an island near featureless save for a stone portal to a dungeon below. A maddening, horrifying dungeon, in which most doors caused one to be displaced in space elsewhere, where doors going in went one way and going out went another.

The party spent days finding their way through the place, encountering other lost souls. They pitted two very dangerous berserkers against some hobgoblins, slaughtering all (after She Whose Name Has Been Forgotten was slain by the hobgoblins). They had to slay two villains who represented themselves as friends. The encountered a ghoul, a wolverine, weird simulacrums, invisible standers (as in it stood there, invisibly, and did nothing), and kleptomaniac leprechauns. They found a blind wizard who thought to guide them with his seeing-eye raven. They found a fair amount of treasure, but Bernie was afraid he would die of a godforsaken disease before they got out of the magical labyrinth.

Eventually, they sacrificed more than half their treasure to an oracle in a pool and were told the way out. They got out, though the blind wizard remained, and Acolyte McGuire was killed, his head crushed by the fist of the flesh golem that guarded the way out. They were able to build a raft with driftwood and slowly sailed back to the mainland, where Bernie kissed the ground and vowed to never, ever follow a treasure map or sail again.

A goodly amount of monetary treasure was had (much less after giving most to the oracle); Bernie came out with a magical +2 short sword, and the others split a passel of potions, some so old they had turned to poison.

As far as we know, He Whose Name Has Been Forgotten is still wandering those accursed halls…

Third Adventure: Hegrash the Bandit Ogre
Source: AD&D 1E Adventure “Hegrash the Bandit Ogre,” from The Book of Ruins (Judges Guild, 1981)
Judge: James M.
Date: 5/30/19
Location: Western Gasconfold Plain (Region 01: 3614, Modron 3113)

Characters & Players
Preacher William Winchester (male Human 3rd level Cleric) [Will P.]
Initiate Tsun (male Human 2nd level Monk) [Will P.]
Veteran-Prestidigitator Balule the Elf (male 1st level Elf) [Dan P.]
Gary, Balule’s War-Dog [Dan P.]
Veteran Yarlag the Hideous (male Half-Orc 1st level Fighter) [Dan P.]
Robber Bernie “The Bounder” Brushwood-Baggins (male Halfling 3rd level Thief) [NPC]

Tales of Adventure
Whilst recuperating from their dismal delve into the dungeons of the Lost Island of Castanamir, William and Tsun were met by Bernie, who had heard of a potentially lucrative offer: 100 gp for the head of Hegrash the Bandit Ogre, and 10 gp each per head of his orc bandits. Hegrash had been haunting the northern trail from the Last Inn, and Ffyrsil ap Othwyn, the High Sheriff of Kralinor, had offered the reward for the outlaws (also stipulating that any treasure recovered from their lair would be tax-free). Bernie himself could not make it, as he had some family issues to deal with, but he was sure that if they could recruit a few more adventurers, they could easily take the bandit down and earn the reward. They recruited an odd pair, an elf and a half-orc.

The Preacher-Man was able to buy a wagon off of a merchant who had been nearly killed by Hegrash, sweetening the deal by curing his wounded men. They then bought some piglets and a barrel of beer, which they spiked with the poison potions they found in the dungeons of Castanamir. They then went north along the trail, hoping to encounter Hegrash and let him take the pigs and booze (a pig in a poke, to be sure). Fortune was with them, and they encountered Hegrash and his band of seven orcs on the first day; not ones to kill the goose that lays the golden egg (unless they are back-sassed), Hegrash let them pass when they handed over the piglets and the beer.

They then continued north for a bit, then backtracked on foot and followed the bandits to their lair, an old stone building amidst a ruined village. They noticed the bandits had already lit a fire in their fireplace to cook the piglets, and simply waited for the spiked beer to do its work. Sure enough, an hour or so later, four of the orcs rush out of the building, puking their guts out; they quickly slaughter them, then do the same to Hegrash and the rest of the orcs [everyone hit the damn ogre, and the ogre could not hit anything to save his life, literally].

They then discovered as they explored the building that there were beds for 14 orcs, not seven, and surmised that an other group of orcs had been out on patrol. They prepared the entryway with pools of oil and barred the inner doors. When the orcs returned, all in the entryway (having all failed their scent checks, I swear I need new dice) they lit it on fire, killing half the orcs in two rounds, then slaughtering the rest. They piled all the bodies outside, and wounded and weary, barred all the doors to rest.

Balule the Elf was on watch in the entryway when he heard a terrible lapping outside shortly after midnight; he looked and saw a vampire lapping up the blood from the slaughter! Sassing the vampire, “You can’t come in and get us!” he said, the vampire responded, “No, but there will be other nights…”, leaving Balule sleepless the rest of the night. When they went out the next morning, all the blood was gone, save for what had been used to write, “See you soon!” on the wall…

Among the treasures of the ogre, they found a chest full of coins, as well as a bag of eight zircons (50 gp each), a magical +1 hand axe, and a potion of healing. They returned to Modron without incident and were given a further 240 gp for their reward.

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[Modron Campaign] The Royal Family of Modron



NOTE: The King of Modron must be a priest of Mitra; members of the royal family are not heirs to the throne if they are not priests.

NOTE: Only males and descendants through the male line may become King of Modron; only after all males in a male line of succession have died are the males descended from a female line considered for the throne.

Name: House of Zormad
Founded: 4383 CC; 50 years ago (today is 4433 CC)
Founder: Zormad “The Great,” Patriarch of Mitra, First Patriarch-King of Modron

Patriarch-Kings of Modron
Zormad “The Great”: Reigned 4383 to 4418.
Armazad “The Builder”: Reigned 4418 to 4431
Anoethin “The Young Lion”: Reign 4431+

Note: A person whose name is underlined below is deceased.

ZORMAD “THE GREAT” became the first Patriarch-King of Modron in 4383.

Zormad (Lenapashim, b. 4353, r. 4383-4418, d. 4418) and his wife, AMAYA (Lenapashim, b.4365, m. 4382, d. 4430), had four sons: Armazad, Kargrol, Farzad, and Drawlin; and two daughters: Goliena, and Jarah.

Zormad died in 4418 at the Battle of Three Dukes, and was succeeded by his son, Armazad.

ARMAZAD “THE BUILDER” (Lenapashim, b. 4383, m. 4408, r. 4418-4431, d. 4431) and his wife, LEILIENA (Roglaran, b. 4390, m. 4408, 44 years old), had one son: Anoethin.

Armazad died in 4431 (at 48 years of age, of a surfeit of eels, or so it is said), and was succeeded by his son, Anoethin.

ANOETHIN “THE YOUNG LION” (Lenapashim-Roglaran, b. 4410, r. 4431+, 23 years old) is Patriarch-King of Modron. He has not yet married and has no known children.

KARGROL “THE CANNY” became the first Duke of Omthalos in 4402.

Kargrol (Lenapashim, b. 4384, r. 4402+, m. 4404) and his wife, SAFIE (Lenapashim, b. 4386, m. 4404, d. 4430), have two legitimate sons: Shervin and Serile. Kargrol is said to also have a number of illegitimate sons and daughters, most of whom are in his service.

Kargrol is first in line of succession to the throne, until Anoethin bears an heir.

SHERVIN (b. 4405, r. 4423, 28 years old) is Count of Ostmark and second in line of succession. Shervin has not yet married but is said to have a number of illegitimate sons and daughters.

SERILE “SANS DEMESNE,” “SERILE THE SANS” (b. 4406, 27 years old) is Royal Minister to Patriarch-King Anoethin and third in line of succession. Serile has not married, nor has any known children.

FARZAD “THE FAIR” became the first Duke of Kralinor in 4403.

Farzad (Lenapashim, b. 4385, m. 4403, r. 4403-4418, d. 4418) and his wife, ELKA (Skandik, b. 4387, m. 4403, regency 4418 to 4422), had one son: Turan.

Farzad died in 4418 at the Battle of Three Dukes, and was succeeded by his son, Turan (his mother ruled as regent until Turan reached his majority in 4422).

TURAN (Lenapashim-Skandik, b. 4404, r. 4422+, 29 years old) is Duke of Kralinor, Keeper of the Royal Warehouses, and fourth in line of succession.

DRAWLIN “LACKLAND” (Lenapashim, b. 4388, 45 years old) became Palace Chamberlain under his brother, Armazad (4418), and remains in that post under his nephew, Anoethin. Drawlin has never married, nor has any known children. Drawlin is fifth in line of succession.

GOLIENA (Lenapashim, b. 4386, m. 4404, regency 4418 to 4423, 47 years old) married GRUFFIN, COUNT OF MAEL (Tharbriana), who was made the first Duke of Mael; they had one son, Laodegan.

Gruffin died in 4418 at the Battle of Three Dukes, and was succeeded by his son, Laodegan (his mother ruled as regent until he reached his majority in 4423).

LAODEGAN (Lenapashim-Tharbriana, b. 4405, r. 4423, m. 4425, 28 years old) is the Duke of Mael; he only comes to court when he must. Laodegan is sixth in the line of succession. Laodegan is rarely in residence at Brushwood; he prefers to remain with his men at Castle Eastshield. His lands are managed by his seneschal, Gakatig, under the watchful eye of his wife, Noriena.

Laodegan married the LADY NORIENA (Skandik-Roglaran, b. 4407, m. 4425, 26 years old); they have a son LAONGRAN (b. 4426, 7 years old, seventh in line of succession (should he become a priest of Mitra)), a daughter LAONESSE (b. 4428, 5 years old), and a babe-in-arms, PARZIFAL (b. 4432, >1 year old, eighth in line of succession (should he become a priest of Mitra)).

JARAH (Lenapashim, b. 4387, m. 4407, regency 4418 to 4428) married OLWYD, COUNT OF TETLE (Tharbriana-Tlanitlan) who was made the first Duke of Tetle; they had one son, OLWYN (b. 4408, d. 4412) and one daughter, Tara.

Olwyd died in 4418 at the Battle of Three Dukes, and was succeeded by his daughter, Tara (her mother ruled as regent until she reached her majority in 4428).

TARA (Lenapashim-Tharbriana-Tlanitlan, b. 4410, r. 4428+, 23 years old) is the Duchess of Tetle and the Royal Treasurer; she resides in Modron and has her lands managed by her seneschal, Ciloxinin, in Ryefield (under the watchful eyes of her mother). She has not yet married and has no known children. She apprenticed as a magic-user under the Royal Magist, Malduc.

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[Modron Campaign] Political Map of the Modron Region and Environs

Here is a map of the Modron Region and Environs with the general political status, realms listed in descending order of power:

The Kingdom of Modron pays tribute to the Invincible Overlord; Modron is divided into five domains, the Royal Domain of the King, and four duchies: Omthalos, Mael, Tetle, and Kralinor, in descending order of power and wealth.

The Elven Realm of Adderwood, the Aldervales, the Freevales and the settlements of the Salann Hills are allied in the Council of Alderock, which pays tribute to the Invincible Overlord;

The Elf-Realm of Benobles is an independent realm, though is at times allied to the Invincible Overlord against Tarantis, Warwik, and the Skandik Realm;

The Duchy of Tain is held in fief to the Invincible Overlord;

The Gnome Territories are a satrapy of the Skandik Realm;

The Dunael Woodsmen of the Dearthwood are allies of the Invincible Overlord;

The Free Cities of Seastrand and Sunlitten are under siege by Valonar Vikings, Tarantine Pirates, and Skandik Sea-Reivers; desirous of maintaining their independence from the Invincible Overlord, they play off the emissaries of the Invincible Overlord against the representatives of the Tyrant of Warwik;

The Merrilin Domains are petty domains held in fief directly to the Invincible Overlord;

The Amazons of Ahlissa, the Men and Orcs of the Difring Wilds, the Men and Goblinoids of the Gilring Wilds, the Vikings of the Valonar Settlements, the Independent Fishing Hamlets, and the Village of Tegel are all independents, seeking to eke out a hardscrabble existence between the other, greater powers and monsters of the wilds...

Note that borders are claims, and rarely hard and fast save when rivers are involved.

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Though the map from which the above snippet is taken is not available in electronic format, Bat in the Attic Games publishes Rob Conley's versions of the Wilderlands maps on DriveThruRPG; click here to check out his site.

You can also get the original Wilderlands maps by Bob Bledsaw on the Judges Guild site on DriveThruRPG; click here to check out those maps.

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[Modron Campaign] New Wilderlands of High Adventure Campaign set in Modron Region

I have started running a new Wilderlands of High Adventure campaign set in the Modron Region using Advanced Labyrinth Lord rules.

Here is the region map, one mile per hex.

We've had several sessions already, though the first few sessions were not set explicitly in Modron (though they have been retconned in).

First campaign logs to follow this weekend, hopefully.

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