Saturday, July 1, 2017

[WOHA 2017] Starting a New Wilderlands Campaign

For the last several months I have had the pleasure of actually playing 5E Dungeons & Dragons rather than running the game. I suffered some severe burnout there back at the end of last autumn, and so other players in the group took over behind the screen. The simple pleasure of just playing again has recharged my gaming batteries, and I am getting a hankering to run once more.
After lots of thought, and making sure the group was willing to delve into some Old School play, I've decided I will run Advanced Labyrinth Lord (ALL, LL+AEC) with a few homebrew rules (natch), and the setting will be my perennial favorite, Judges Guild's Wilderlands (my own personal version, the Wilderlands of High Adventure).
And so the planning has begun; I do not intend to begin the campaign until after summer is over, as summer invariably causes missed sessions. Plus, two of the other players are in the midst of their excellent campaigns, so I will wait until one of them finishes, at the very least.
So planning has begin, and with this campaign I am taking full advantage of my Hexographer program. The campaign will begin and center on the City State of the Invincible Overlord; while that hex was mapped on the back of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy book and the front of the Campaign Hexagon System book, it needed the Hexographer treatment, as I've added a few things to it here and there...
And so here is the beginning of the new Wilderlands of High Adventure campaign. I hope to share the details of it with you fine readers, from the character's perspective, in the following weeks and months...
As usual, if you need the full-sized map, just let me know...
Click to embiggen (Version 7)

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  1. Hey, I really love how you created your hexagon region in Hexographer, do you start off with a blank template with the border of the Hex or do you start from scratch each time?