Monday, August 4, 2014

[Now Available] Initial Guidelines Booklet J: Thunderhold

Judges Guild has made Initial Guidelines Booklet J - Thunderhold (1976) available in PDF format.

This is the original December, 1976 Guidelines Booklet J outlining Thunderhold -- the castle of the Dwarven King -- and the Sunstone Caverns. It includes both Players and Judges Maps, and the four additional Dungeon Level Maps (J1-4). These gray-tone scans are pulled from Bob Bledsaw’s personal in-house copy. The maps were created by Bob Bledsaw, Bill Owen, and Bob Bledsaw II. This e-book also contains the additional note-sheet from 1976, and Booty List flyer.

The Dwarves of Thunderhold originated in the Majestic Fastness, deep in the Majestic Mountains. However, they were routed out by the Dragon, Anaelegorn, and its three young. The Dwarves journeyed north to the Sunstone Caverns, rumored to possess a load of Mithral. There they found and defeated an army of Gnolls who held the caverns and the adjacent Castle. In olden times, the Castle was the stronghold of a hardy race of Men called the Moonrakers, many descendants of which now live in the Castle Village. 

In the olden days, the Moonrakers traded with tribe of Dwarves that then resided in the two dungeons outside the Castle. With time and the outside invaders, the Moonraker/Dwarven alliance eventually broke down in the face of Gnoll invasion led by the Evil Wizard, Lychin, and the Minotaur-Priest, Bragash. The Moonrakers were forced out of their Castle, and the earlier tribe of Dwarves was believed to be exterminated. The present Dwarves and their leader, Nordre Iron-Helm, destroyed the Gnolls and their Evil Wizard, but the Minotaur-Priest escaped down into the Sunstone Caverns...

Note that the images in this post are not from the scans; they are from the Acaeum Judges Guild Subweb.

Initial Guidelines Booklet J - Thunderhold retails at $6.00.

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