Thursday, August 7, 2014

Human Ethnic Groups in the Wilderlands

Here's a quick and dirty map showing the broad, general distribution of the major ethnic groups of humans and near-humans in the Wilderlands. Also, a quick and dirty take on each of the major listed cultural groups. Note that this is not at all exhaustive, merely showing the major groups and the areas where they have generally migrated to and perhaps mixed with other groups to form other, as yet unnamed groups...

I'll work up some more detailed descriptions soon.

As usual, right click and open in another tab to embiggen

AELPHEN: Anglo-Saxons
ALTANIANS: Robert E. Howard’s Cimmerians meet E.R.B.’s Red Men of Barsoom
AMAZONS: Classical Amazons of Myth and Legend with Parthenogenesis
ANTILLIANS: Elf-blooded Sicilians taken to 11
CHAELO: Purple-skinned Country Bumpkins
DORINS: Frank Herbert’s Fremen
GHINORIANS: Ancient Egyptians... yes, everything south of that big yellow line that crosses from Viridistan, through the Pazidan, and into Tarantis was once held by the Ghinorians. The yellow stars in the north indicate areas where the Ghinorians had minor colonies or a strong secondary cultural effect...
KARAKHANS: Mongolians
KARZULUN: Afghani     
MENGKHANS: Sea-Faring Mongolians/Japanese
MGONA: Zulus
MOONRAKERS: Robert E. Howard’s Picts with purple skin
ORICHALANS: Purple-skinned Greco-Romans
RALLUVIM: Carthaginians
ROGLARANS: Romano-Franks
SHARDANS: Blue-Skinned Persian Turks
SMYRIANS: Hungarians
THARBARRES: Persian Scots
THARBRIANA: Scots-Irish-Welsh
THARBRIANS: Scottish Mongolians via the Horseclans of Robert Adam’s Horseclans series
TLANITLANS: Aztec-Mayans
TULAMITES: Scottish Berbers
VALONAR (SVERKKA): Michael Moorcock’s Melniboneans, Viking-Style
VIRIDIANS: Greco-Persians via the debased Ehleens of Robert Adam’s Horseclans series (High Viridians), or English if the Normans had been Greek instead of Norse (Common Viridians)


  1. And what about the dunaels in your campaign? ;)

    Maybe this will be the right place to ask some questions. Who are the Tenifell Lords and the Rangers of Tarsh? Are they related to each other? Are they related to the tarshians?

  2. The map and list above only accounts for the major ethnic groups; the Dunael, the Garmani Heath-Folk, and other minor groups are not shown or listed, as there is no room.

    As for the Tenifell and the Rangers of Tarsh... that is yet to be revealed... :)